Jewelry Parties

     Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own jewelry?  Do you have friends and family that would be interested in learning or just interested in buying for themselves or someone else?  If any of your answers are "YES", then you need to host a jewelry party by BZ Designs. 
There are incentives for the host of a party: 
1.  You and your guests learn how to make your own jewelry or you can browse my finished pieces to purchase.
2.  For every $100 spent, the hostess earns $10 toward products.
3.  For every booking I get off your party, the hostess earns another $20
4.  If the party makes $500 or more, I will make any custom piece of jewelry of your choice.
Example:  Host has a $650 party and I get 1 booking.  The host will receive $80 worth of free products ($60 for the $600 party, + $20 for the booking), along with any custom piece of jewelry, hostess choice.  The hostess gets to choose the style, color, beads, whatever you want, I will make it.  
If you live in the state of Indiana, I would be willing to be your consultant.  All you have to do is contact me:
All you have to do is tell me how many invitations you need, I will send those to you.  You send them out, or send me the names and addresses and I will send them. One week before the party, you tell me how many people will be attending, so RSVP is counted on.  The host can provide food, snacks and drinks or not, but would be a good idea.  My sister is a tastefully simple consultant, if anyone is interested in doing a combo party, food and jewelry.  It would be fun, however your guests would probably spend a bit of money. 
This is a great party idea for girl scout troops, women sororities, or clubs, teen girls birthday parties, etc. 
My prices for this venue would be very similar to the prices you see on this website. 
Earrings:               $5-15
Bracelets/anklets:  $7-20
Necklaces:            $8-30
The prices are varied here based on what type of beads are used.  Swarovski crystals and pearls are to the more expensive side, but used in moderation, prices will be in the middle.  A simple rope necklace with a pendant will be on the lower end.  Look at the prices on the site, you will not find them any cheaper, especially for a party.