Designer Background

Hi, my name is Barbara Zajdel.  I am the Owner and Designer of BZ-Designs.  I was a career student until I had my first and only child.  I have 3 college degrees.  A, B.S degree in Finance/Real Estate, an A.S. Degree in Business Administration,
and my last degree is an A.S. Degree in Interior Design.   While finishing my degree in Interior Design, my husband and I
decided to start a family.  What bad timing.  I had my son with 1 month left in school.  I finished all my classes
from home, and still managed to maintain at least a B in all three classes. 
After School ended, I found myself needing to do something creative.  I was going to stay home to raise our son
mostly due to day care costs, and found myself bored.  I know that is really bad to say with a newborn in the
house, however, I needed some adult time. 
A friend of mine got me started making some jewelry.  That got me hooked.
I started buying some beads and making more things.  About 6 months later, my
mother signed me up to sell some of my things at her local festival.  I did not have a lot of stuff, but I did have a nice variety.  For my first festival, I thought I did verywell.  That got me hooked again.  I figured out a way to make some extra cash, and have a little bit of "mommy" time (time without the child). 
Each year I do that same festival, and make more and more money, due to my
wide variety that I carry, and the fact that I keep my prices low.  Each year, I learn new techniques, and get to show off my new creations at the festivals that I do. I do get a lot of compliments from customers, and I find I get a lot of repeat customes each year.  I will say, I only get to do a handful each year, but as my son gets older, I will be able to do more.
In 2008, I decided to start my own legal taxpaying business.  Indiana passed the law that stated we had to collect or pay sales tax on any products we sell at a festival.  Therefore, I started a legal business.  I can honestly say, I am not wasting any of my college degrees.  My degree in Business Admin, and Finance are helping me run my business in Jewelry making.  Even more, I still do Interior design on the side.  I usually take on one client at a time.  I run both of those "businesses" from home and raise my child.  It can be stressfull at times, but when I sit down and make a piece of jewelry, my heart, soul, and stress go into that piece.  It really helps to keep me grounded.